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David Griffeth’s new book explains the huge hacking risk that arises from compromised email.

Griffeth has launched a brand new book, aiming to teach organizations about the cyber security risks of email.

In Email Hijack, Griffeth explores how the majority of hacks start with one dodgy email. And how that can easily lead to money being stolen from a bank account.

“If you think about it, your email being hacked should be your worst technology nightmare,” said Griffeth, CEO of Neatoware.

“Every day, every organization is being targeted by hackers. They no longer aim at specific large businesses. They use clever automated tools to look for weaknesses in every single organization’s cyber defenses.”

“It’s a highly organized and lucrative crime. And hackers’ favorite access point is your email. Because with a little patience, and some smart thinking, your email can provide direct access to the contents of your bank account.”

He added: “My new book Email Hijack is designed to teach what the risks are and show how to put together the right blend of security to protect your email.”

The book uses the fictitious story of a business owner being hacked, to explain complicated cyber security concepts in a way that anyone can understand.